Welcome to WildRoar®, We are based in Pune, India.

As we all work in field of wildlife photography and feel the need of particular product which is not available in market. Who else
can understand our need better than we ourselves. So that’s how WildRoar® is born.
Our design philosophy is simple:

Products designed for Photographers by Photographers-We design with user and use in mind and it’s not a rocket science as our designers are all end users ☺

Include only what is required. Keep it simple.

If anything is not of acceptable quality it will not be part of our products. For that matter we will not launch such product till we are satisfied.

We are not a brand but a Community of people who value their Passion.

So let’s be a part of wildroar.in, you can buy or suggest product or you can even design one with us.

Let the Passion Take over. Our Whatsapp Number: 9067815896