WildRoar Camera Battery pouch, Very useful accessory for protecting and carrying your Pro camera battery.

It’s made of soft and flexible Neoprene fabric. Pouch is Very lightweight. It has high quality Velcro closure for strong grip and quick operation.

The pouch also has a belt loop so you can wear it in your belt.

When not is use it is very easy to store as it will not add any weight and can be folded.

We are offering free shipping across India for limited period of time.

Pro size works well for most Pro camera batteries like Canon 1dx, Canon 1d mark 4, Nikon D5, Nikon D4 etc. For prosumer camera batteries we have separate pouch.


  • Lightweight flexible Neoprene material
  • We will ship 2 pouches in the cost mentioned
  • Belt loop
  • Available in Camouflage print
  • Can be Folded when empty
  • Made in India
  • Currently Available in Green Forest Print