Macro shooting mostly happens in Rainy season. Weather posts big challenge in this form of shooting. We have developed a rain & dust cover especially for these sizes of lenses.

It will fix on the lens hood with elasticated strings and from back side it will be open so you can access view finder and camera controls.

There’s a Velcro opening in the bottom to fix the tripod if required

We have also provided inbuilt belt in the rain cover so you can wrap it on the lens for easy grip. (Please refer to pictures)

We have used 2 layers of waterproof fabrics.  Water will not pass through the fabric. Camera back side may get bit wet as it will be open while shooting.

One can use crop body like 7dMK2 or D500 or Pro Body like 1DX or D5. The cover shape is Tapered so it becomes wide on the back side, this helps to fit it over camera body.

This cover works well with Canon 100mm 2.8 L Macro, Nikon 105, Tamron 90mm or any similar length lens with Hood.

We are offering free shipping across India.

Rain cover comes with free carrying pouch.