We have developed this Rain & Dust Cover specially for Sony 200-600 lens with body. It has 2 velcro straps in front for perfect grip of Rain cover on lens Hood. It has been designed in a slim fit alongwith lens shape for easy handling. We will provide one additionla strap Free for making rain cover compact. It’s an optional belt, you can skip using it if you want.

Velcro opening on Bottom to take out Tripod collar. All rain covers comes with a attractive pouch. This Size works well with Sony 200-600 with Body attached.

We are offering free shipping for limited period of time.

Why WildRoar Rain & Dust Cover?

  • Double Layered waterproof fabric
  • Highest quality materials- Strings, Buttons, Velcro etc.
  • Anti-skid material at front for better grip on lens
  • Useful carrying pouch with every rain & dust cover
  • Separate size for each lens model
  • Tried and tested by India’s leading photographers