We recently tested these socks in Amboli forests and the response from team was- what a relief to feet. It saved them from not only leeches but mosquito bites as well.

Few key features of these socks:

  • Water repellent material
  • Seamless Design
  • Long Length to give protection till above knees
  • Easy to fit with clinch cord at two places
  • High quality material
  •  Dull Tan colour blends well with nature, Plain colour helps to spot leeches easily
  • Top & Bottom portion is made of water repellent fabric.
  • There are big loops provided, where you can tuck the strings- so they don’t tangle in small trees etc.
  • It comes with attractive carry pouch.

There are few brands who are copying our products and Ideas. Please note that our Leech Socks are made of very high quality fabric, other companies might copy our design but they cannot give you such high quality product. So please choose wisely.

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